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Wouldn't it be nice to look forward to your birth instead of dreading the pain? Are you concerned about having a long labor that leads to an unnecessary Cesarean Section? I can help! Doulas provide information, physical comfort and coping and can help labor progress with body positioning and reduced anxiety. 

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I serve North King, Snohomish and So. Skagit Counties.

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As someone who spent a lot of time researching and planning to have the optimal birth experience, I can confidently say that hiring jocelyn was by far the investment during the entire process. Jocelyn met with my husband and I twice before the birth. She demonstrated daily exercises to help prepare my body and move baby into the best position. She was with us through my entire labor (which came 2 weeks early) and was absolutely essential in helping me cope and deliver baby naturally. When I look back at the birth experience, I am empowered and overwhelmingly grateful to have had Jocelyn by my side. 

Posted 7/18/2017 K.H.

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​Jocelyn Skinner CD(PALS,DONA)

Need help with your pregnancy? Contact Pregnancy Resource Center in Everett 

Now offering Childbirth Education Classes! See the services page for details. 

​I can't even begin to thank you for all you did during and after labor for me. From the minute you got there, everything changed for the better. Your timeless support was an incredible blessing to both of us. We couldn't have done it without you! 
Love, D.J. and Rebecca
posted 8/25/2016​

Jocelyn was fantastic! My biggest concern about selecting a doula was finding someone that would make me feel comfortable,  someone I could be myself with and trust in a very vulnerable situation. Jocelyn was all of those things. She felt like a family friend which allowed me to relax and concentrate on getting through a very long labor and delivery. Jocelyn was amazing to have at my home prior to heading to the hospital and in the hospital room. She was a calming presence that gently requested I try different positions, walking, getting in the tub and reassured me that I was doing great throughout. She was an advocate for me and my husband when dealing with hospital staff and always kept my birth plan in mind. I would highly recommend Jocelyn!
Kristen Phillips
Posted 1/16/2019

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​I offer a 10% discount for active duty military, veterans and law enforcement families. Thank you for your service!

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