​I can't even begin to thank you for all you did during and after labor for me. From the minute you got there, everything changed for the better. Your timeless support was an incredible blessing to both of us. We couldn't have done it without you!

Love, D.J. and Rebecca

posted 8/25/2016

Jocelyn was very kind and encouraging. Although my birth plan did not work out as hoped, due to complications, she was there to support me and coach me through my 11 hour labor. I especially appreciate the pictures she took of my baby's birth to help capture those precious memories that I may have otherwise forgotten. I also really appreciate her help in getting my husband involved in an uncomfortable situation for him; and Let's face it, most men don't know what to do in that situation. Lol But Jocelyn helped him feel as comfortable as possible and to get in there and support and encourage me and to be part of the whole process. Thank you!!
Deanna 'Deaton' Barley
Posted 7/12/2017

Jocelyn was so great! Prior to labor she met with us to find out the kind of labor we wanted. Her questions were detailed and thorough. When I went into labor she was easy to get in contact with, and had some good ideas to help my labor along. Even when we called in the middle of the night, she was ready to come over and provide assistance. Throughout the whole labor she knew when to jump in and when to step back. She worked well with my husband, helping him to help me. I also liked that after our baby was born she came to visit twice to make sure we were doing well and offer help with finding resources. Overall, our experience with Jocelyn was very positive, and I will be reccomending her to my pregnant friends!  
Alex H.
Posted 9/9/2016

Jocelyn was an absolute essential part of our birth team, hiring her was one of the best decisions my husband and I made regarding the birth of our daughter.  She was not only professional and knowledgable, but she was also caring, supportive, and very reassuring.  She was respectful of my wishes and at no time did I feel anything but support from her.

Jocelyn met with us a couple of times before the birth to discuss my birth preferences, answer questions, and help navigate through the planning process.  Due to some health issues, the birth went nothing like I had planned.  Jocelyn helped me through each step of the birth and was tremendously calming in my worst moments.  She helped normalize the process for me and helped me make informed decisions for myself.  

If we have another child I will definitely want Jocelyn by my side for that birth!
Christy Appell
Posted 4/29/2017

One word: AMAZING. Jocelyn was actually my backup doula and I had never met her. My baby girl was sunny side up so I was having horrible back labor. My hubby called Jocelyn to come over because I was beside myself with pain and was not coping well at all. The minute she walked in, everything changed. She helped me to calm down and regain control. She instantly felt like part of the family; like I'd known her forever. Her voice and manner were so calming. She had all kinds of ways to help ease the pain and get me through my contractions. My husband and her made an amazing team. They got to the point where they didn't even have to talk to know what they needed to do. It was seamless. I was planning on giving birth at a birth center, but due to unforseen events, I had to transfer to the hospital. Knowing that Jocelyn was in charge of keeping the hospital staff to stick to my birth plan was a load off my mind. She very politely but firmly made sure the hospital staff knew what I wanted and why. Since my midwife was unable to stay with me at the hospital due to regulations, having the continuity of care through Jocelyn helped so much. To know someone other than my husband who was helping me made all the difference. Without her, I honestly don't think I could have relaxed enough to have a regular birth. Jocelyn sat next to me all night, encouraging me thorugh the pain, helping me make the difficult choice about whether to get an epidural (it had been 20 hours of difficult laboring and I wasn't progressing and couldn't relax), allowing my husband to sleep for a while, and continuing to remind me how to stay calm. Jocelyn is an amazing doula and a wonderful woman. If you think you don't need a doula, please reconsider. I couldn't have gone through such a difficult birth without her. I thought that a doula would be redundant since my husband is extreamly supportive. It wasn't. Both my husband and I were incredibly thankful that she was there. She is fantastic!
Posted 11/1/2016

​Beautiful Beginnings Doula Services

​Jocelyn Skinner CD(PALS,DONA)

As someone who spent a lot of time researching and planning to have the optimal birth experience, I can confidently say that hiring jocelyn was by far the investment during the entire process. Jocelyn met with my husband and I twice before the birth. She demonstrated daily exercises to help prepare my body and move baby into the best position. She was with us through my entire labor (which came 2 weeks early) and was absolutely essential in helping me cope and deliver baby naturally. When I look back at the birth experience, I am empowered and overwhelmingly grateful to have had Jocelyn by my side. 

Posted 7/18/2017 K. H.